Advanced Job Reporting

The innovative new inspection system changing the face of the building surveying industry

A1 utilize a integrated fire stopping app that records the whole survey and fire stopping installation process. It maps the location of all walls and floors, schedules each fire-stopped area (along with a picture of the installation), records when it was installed, what materials were used and its reference number and printed label provide a permanent record of fire-stopped locations.

Provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain and manage an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity. Drop pins have their own unique reference with a photographic record (before and after). Clients have real time access to survey works and remedial works.

  • Realtime Job Tracking & Documenting
  • Contractors full access and simplifys the fire-stopping documentation
  • Clear understanding of on-site conditions requiring remediation
  • Location labels to identify areas where fire-stop systems that are, or will be installed
  • Streamlined data entry using an iPhone, collates all data under one easy to access system.
  • Enhances productivity while eliminating burdensome paper surveying.

The Process

A1 FIRESTOP are proud to be accredited with these industry body certifications