Architects, Planners, Building control, and building owners are each responsible for playing their part in effective fire protection. Often building owners do not realise that Firestop is not a option, it is a clear legal requirement, negligence or improper Firestop is a violation of the law. Over half of all fire deaths, are not in the room where the fire started, and 75% of fire deaths are caused by smoke. When there are holes in walls and floors, `the toxic smoke easily spreads to the adjacent rooms.

The keys to effective fire protection are both active protection, such as sprinklers and fire alarms, but also Passive Fire Protection, Passive means that penetrations in floors and walls, are sealed with approved Firestop products. This principle is called compartmentation, when installed correctly, fire and smoke will not be able to spread from one compartment to another. This allows for safe evacuation of people and protects valuable assets. The thing about compartmentation and fire protection is, its only as good as the company who installs the products.

“One always thinks, that accidents only happen to others,” That’s a false conclusion. It’s the responsibility of Architects, Planners, Building Control, and Building Owners to protect lives and assets, by effective and well designed compartmentation. A1 FIRESTOP offers innovative and legal compliant approved solutions, We recommend A1 FIRESTOP to be on the safe side. A1 FIRESTOP are a committed company who will provide Proper compartmentation and fire protection to your building.


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